WSJ.Vintage Wine Portfolio allows you to value your wine holdings free of charge at any time.

We obtain pricing on our referential database of more than 160,000 wines from the following two sources:

  • Wine Searcher, the world's pre-eminent price discovery site
  • The Wine Owners Fine Wine Exchange offers and trades

Proprietary algorithms process millions of rows of incoming pricing data to calculate a Market Level - the price at which a wine is likely to find a ready buyer - based on market supply and spread models. This gives you an up-to-date, consistent basis for valuations of all your wines at your fingertips.

How does Wine Owners for WSJ.Vintage Wine Portfolio calculate its prices?

WSJ.Vintage Wine Portfolio uses algorithms provided by Wine Owners. The algorithms are as follows:

  • Assign supply scores to wines based on likely liquidity and age
  • Analyse market spread of each wine between market clusters around market low and mid points
  • Apply an algorithm that reflects the spread of prices in combination with the score for each wine and vintage
  • Run outlier processing that is based on a rolling mean basis
  • Apply an overlay that further filters market prices in respect of the top 5,500 investment wines

The Wine Owners proprietary algorithms are designed to give you the most consistent approach to pricing a market in a wine. Prices are updated weekly.

We value based on market prices, and therefore you can expect to deduct selling commissions from this price.

Rare wines, old vintages and wines with limited liquidity are treated differently to top Bordeaux from more recent vintages where there is substantially greater market availability.

Our intention is to price to a Market Level (the price at which a wine is likely to find a ready market) so our pricing is biased towards liquidity.

In the interests of transparency, we offer a feedback form against every wine in the referential database. If you have a question about a price, please contact us.

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