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Fine Wine Indices

Wine Owners runs a number of fine wine Indices, with the goal of benchmarking to a representative basket of the world’s greatest, most representative and most traded wines.

Once you have selected the wine index you wish to view, you will also be able to compare with other wine indices and other financial markets spanning equities and commodities.

From your wine portfolio, or tracking portfolio, you can compare any wine with an index (as well as other wines).

WO 150

The Wine Owners 150 comprises 150 Investment Grade Wines across the top 40 performers of the last 10 years.

The goal of the WO 150 is to provide a stable and reliable index for comparison periods over extended periods of time. The list is reviewed on an annual basis and all users will be notified of both any changes made and the rationale for the decision.

BUZZ 500

The Buzz 500 is comprised of the most searched for wines on Wine Searcher, the world’s leading search engine for wine on sale through the retail channel globally, and the single most statistically significant source of implied demand or market interest in fine wines.

It is calculated in two stages. First by identifying the 100 most searched for wines on Wine searcher. Then for each of those wines, 5 vintages are chosen from within the last 15 years, selected from representative vintages of each region including strong as well as average years.

The goal of the BUZZ 500 is to provide a dynamic and democratic index representing wines that have attracted the most market attention and the most interest from the wine trade globally.

It is reviewed on a quarterly basis and all users will be notified of changes made.

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